Automation Anywhere and Google Cloud Partnership

At Automation Anywhere’s Imagine Digital event, they announced their partnership with Google Cloud. Our RPA experts weigh in on its impact and implications for the RPA market.

Smartbridge dedicates itself to delivering the latest in RPA innovations. Delighted for the opportunity, we attended Automation Anywhere (AA)’s online event, Imagine Digital. The three-day event was hosted by many engaging guest speakers. These included those with first-hand experience implementing AA into their business. At Smartbridge we are always interested in seeing what exciting things our technology partners, like AA, can do for our customers. Imagine Digital did not disappoint as Mihir Shukla & guest speaker Thomas Kurian, Chief Executive Officer of Google Cloud, announced Google Cloud’s partnership with Automation Anywhere.

automation anywhere google cloud
Image courtesy of Automation Anywhere

The partnership between Automation Anywhere and Google Cloud is part of AA’s plan to make their platform entirely cloud-based. AA will now have Automation 360 migrated to Google Cloud. This will serve as a centralized location for automation and means big things for RPA and AI capabilities. Google and AA will jointly develop AI together for their platform. Mentioned by Thomas Kurian, AA is officially Google’s preferred RPA partner.

automation anywhere google cloud

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Having a cloud-based platform involves two parts:

  • An abstraction of infrastructure with Google Cloud

  • An abstraction of applications with Automation Anywhere

The benefit of this model is to relieve the burden of management from the business IT professionals to AA. With the Automation Anywhere Google Cloud partnership, Kurian says the goal is to “make business processes as a service.” 

automation anywhere google cloud

Having infrastructure moved to the cloud, you no longer need to worry about data storage and server management. If you need more space or support, Automation Anywhere and Google can handle that for you. Also, a cloud-based platform means AA is deployable to fit company needs. This can be on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. 

What It Means

With several RPA platforms on the market, staying competitive is a must and requires innovation. Microsoft’s Power Automate is accessible and has a friendly user interface. UiPath has one of the most robust and complete developing studios. Now with Automation Anywhere, we have the potential to see a global leader in AI and online infrastructure for RPA. It is no secret that Google employs some of the best computer scientists in the industry.

Technology continues to move forward and become more complex every year. With this trend, automating business processes becomes essential. On-premises solutions and applications become less ideal and time-consuming as technology has progressed to cloud-based computing. This provides a cost-effective, hands-off approach to managing business needs and infrastructure. Digitization isn’t an if but when for companies.

Kurian said that their partnership with Automation Anywhere, “will increase the speed of digitization.”

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