AARI: Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface

Automation Anywhere released AARI, Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface, which acts as your digital assistant. Read our RPA expert’s highlights and key features for applications, desktop, and web.

AARI is the Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface that allows robots and humans to work together in a more natural and cohesive manner. Previously, Automation Anywhere‘s robots were programmed to follow strict scheduling guidelines or to listen for process-specific triggers to assist human users. It enables users to cohesively work with robotic process automation initiatives through native application plugins, interactive desktop forms, and collaborative web interfaces. AARI makes complex tasks like processing data from multiple sources an afterthought and boosts customer satisfaction which will ultimately increase sales throughput. Simply put, AARI is your new digital assistant at work.


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AARI for Applications

AARI application integration is an unattended automation perfect for users who would want to work side by side with robots. Users can easily open their most-used productivity applications such as Excel, Google Sheets, or Salesforce, and the AARI plugin would be there to assist with anything the user needs. Whether it be for passing values to the robot to ultimately reach a result or simply updating information in an automated fashion. With the use of AARI for applications, users do not have to leave the application while the robot performs its tasks. The robot runs on a separate server and does not affect the human in any way, shape, or form, and only provides the user with the output information needed for their process.


AARI for Desktop

AARI desktop integration is an attended automation perfect for processes that require data entry from multiple users performing tasks on separate machines. It is run locally on a user’s machine to perform dedicated tasks such as, but not limited to, form filling and submission. Ultimately, users would fill out a form provided by AARI using specific data from their machines or processes. That data will in turn be used by AARI to perform other related tasks like submitting information within a CRM application or something similar for example.


AARI for Web

AARI web integration is an unattended automation best suited for organizations that want to implement collaborative solutions. This web Robotic Interface provides users with a collaborative web interface for humans and robots to work together. With the help of AARI web, users can automate high-touch processes such as approvals, escalations, and exceptions all while collaborating with other users by validating or verifying that what was done was correct without leaving the webpage for AARI to work.


AARI is a no-code, digital assistant solution that promotes effective and collaborative engagement with human users. This innovative technology gives users the ability to automate from anywhere, boosts RPA adoption across enterprises, and allows users to be more productive with the ease of automation at their fingertips. AARI will only get better over time and continues to become feature-rich with voice integration on the horizon.

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