Implementing an Enterprise Job Scheduler for a QSR

The Client

The client is a privately held quick service restaurant chain with over 800 locations spread across the southern U.S. The company has many enterprise and store level applications, and interfaces, that needed to be scheduled and coordinated.

The Problem

The QSR needed an effective job scheduler to run and monitor jobs in their different systems. Due to files coming from hundreds of locations to the corporate office, a very robust and effective job scheduler was in need to process the data in the files and then make it available for the business in their reporting module and the ERP system.

The Solution

Smartbridge helped with identifying the business requirement and evaluation/selection of the job scheduler (Activebatch). Some of the key requirements and obstacles that needed to be overcome in the design and implementation are:

  1. Identify a job scheduler with a high ROI.
  2. Identify a scheduler that can be deployed to all the locations.
  3. Identify/design/implement a job scheduler that can do multiple actions (Run EnterpriseOne UBE’s, run VB script, load data from files to database and vice versa, move files around, transfer/accept vendor files, etc.).
  4. Have a hard time-line / completion date to move to the new data center.
  5. Provide 24/7 monitoring of the jobs.

In order complete the job scheduler project on-time and on-budget, Smartbridge leveraged their Global Delivery Model utilizing their offshore team in coordination with the onsite team to evaluate and identify the job scheduler that meets the requirements.

We perform a detailed analysis of the business requirements and came up with a robust design. This allowed the development phase of the project to be completed within the stipulated timeline. Smartbridge tapped into their deep experience and knowledge of the inter-connected systems within the restaurant and completed the design, development and testing of setup and jobs in Activebatch.

Using the global delivery model again, Smartbridge set up a 24/7 monitoring team to monitor the jobs and escalate any issues. This helped the support team to meet the tight SLA’s.

The Result

The quick service restaurant implemented a low cost and high ROI job scheduler with high performance and low downtimes.

Accomplishments included:

  • Significant improvement in overall system performance.
  • 24/7 monitoring and escalation.
  • Deployment of the job scheduler to 800+ locations.
  • One stop shop for all jobs and file transfers.
  • Completion of the data center move project on time.
  • The quick service restaurant implemented a low cost and high ROI job scheduler with high performance and low downtimes.

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