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Our staff speak on what brought them here and why they stay.

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Amee Nguyen and Duke Lee 
with Smartbridge since 2018
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Smartbridge employee testimonial - Janga C

Since I preferred working for a start-up, I chose Smartbridge. This allows me to have more opportunities where I perform my abilities and continue to grow. Here, we have great colleagues, flexibility to both work on multiple projects and pick our work location. We are also provided a great work-life balance. Based on what I heard from my other friends in the market, I feel that the flexibility Smartbridge provides is more unique. I saw a tremendous growth professionally and personally in myself from the time I joined Smartbridge. Working here helped me became more responsible and level headed person that was more able to better analyze different situations, whether at work or in my personal life, and manage them.

Chakravarthy Janga
with Smartbridge since 2003
Smartbridge employee testimonial - Lahari Sattiraju

The amazing work culture and exceptional management team is the soul and heart of Smartbridge.
The immensely talented, thoroughly professional and equally compassionate employees are the pillars of Smartbridge.
Smartbridge gave me freedom and opportunity to choose the technology that I wanted to work with.
From a fresh graduate, I quickly and successfully transformed into a certified Tableau consultant.
At Smartbridge, you can set your own professional goals and the company supports yours journey through achieving your goals.

Lahari Sattiraju
with Smartbridge since 2018
Smartbridge employee testimonial - Christian Ott

As I interviewed and joined the team, it became clear that my coworkers were dedicated to learning new skills and working together to help each other grow. This sort of teamwork and desire to improve was exactly what I was looking for in a company. I wanted to be a part of a team that would help me become a better employee and to have work that would keep me engaged and I’ve definitely found that here at Smartbridge.

Christian Ott
with Smartbridge since 2018
Smartbridge employee testimonials - Lavanya Sreedhar

Smartbridge has a diversified team of talented individuals who reflect the company’s core values through the work they do. I feel excited to be part of this growing team that encourages innovative ideas while learning new things along the way. There is always passion for the work we deliver to our clients. I feel valued and people here are great fun to work with. I would highly recommend Smartbridge to anyone looking to take your career to the next level.

Lavanya Sreedhar
with Smartbridge since 2015
Jayla Coleman
with Smartbridge since 2018
Patrick Pahls and Zach Reynolds
with Smartbridge since 2014 & 2018
Smartbridge employee testimonial - brooke browne

At Smartbridge there’s an expectation that you can make a difference in the success of the entire team. For me, there are opportunities to impact success in ways that may shape the marketing landscape for years to come. I know I can never be bored here.

Brooke Browne
with Smartbridge since 2012
Smartbridge employee testimonials - Miraj Jiwani

Smartbridge first and foremost has intelligent, dedicated and friendly people. Everyone is helpful when asked and there seems to be this familial feeling to working here. As someone entering the company, the people do their best to make you feel comfortable but also motivated. In terms of the work, I have been given great opportunities to increase and develop my knowledge of not only the technical aspects of JDE development but also the functional aspects of conducting strategy assessments. In short, Smartbridge continues to provide me with an array of opportunities in various areas that I believe has and will provide me to develop the skills needed to achieve a successful life and career.

Miraj Jiwani
with Smartbridge since 2015
Silesh Amujuri
with Smartbridge since 2012

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