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Why Smartbridge?

Our staff speak on what brought them here and why they stay.

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Kara McMurraywith Smartbridge since 2017
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Miraj Ali
Miraj Aliwith Smartbridge since 2015
Smartbridge first and foremost has intelligent, dedicated and friendly people. Everyone is helpful when asked and there seems to be this familial feeling to working here. As someone entering the company, the people do their best to make you feel comfortable but also motivated. In terms of the work, I have been given great opportunities to increase and develop my knowledge of not only the technical aspects of JDE development but also the functional aspects of conducting strategy assessments. In short, Smartbridge continues to provide me with an array of opportunities in various areas that I believe has and will provide me to develop the skills needed to achieve a successful life and career.
Beth Outrim
Beth Outrimwith Smartbridge since 2014
Smartbridge was recommended to me by a former coworker whose opinion I value. What I respect about Smartbridge is the attitude that the leadership has towards their clients. Lots of companies state that their objective is to form a relationship with clients and keep the clients’ best interests in the forefront of their minds when making recommendations, etc. However, Smartbridge really does that – not just lip-service.

I am now a regular contributor to JDE Tips, Collaborate, InFocus and Smartbridge blogs, none of which have I done before. I have also learned much more about JDE than I knew before; Revenue Recognition, Revenue Performance Obligation, Outbound Inventory, Global Updates, Changing the Fiscal Year, Automatic Bank Reconciliation, and many more applications. I also got to attend the Oracle Partnership Summit for the first time. They mean what they say. I feel that I can trust Smartbridge employees when they tell me things and/or say that they will do something. You’re respected and supported as a valuable member of the team.

Chakravarthy Janga
Chakravarthy Jangawith Smartbridge since 2015
Since I preferred working for a start-up, I chose Smartbridge. This allows me to have more opportunities where I perform my abilities and continue to grow. Here, we have great colleagues, flexibility to both work on multiple projects and pick our work location. We are also provided a great work-life balance. Based on what I heard from my other friends in the market, I feel that the flexibility Smartbridge provides is more unique. I saw a tremendous growth professionally and personally in myself from the time I joined Smartbridge. Working here helped me became more responsible and level headed person that was more able to better analyze different situations, whether at work or in my personal life, and manage them.
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Ali Abramsonwith Smartbridge since 2016
Camilo Rodriquez
Camilo Rodriquezwith Smartbridge since 2013
It is the fundamental need to grow that drives me towards knowledge, and Smartbridge, at its core, is the epitome of growth. The company’s broad spectrum of expertise is complemented by a strong spirit of cooperation, creating an environment that builds a rare level of maturity actually compatible with innovation. If you are craving to build a robust skill set to face any type of challenge, Smartbridge will nurture you, shape you, and guide you towards excellence, constructing the necessary foundations that will foment unparalleled levels of growth.
Michael Honoré
Michael Honoréwith Smartbridge since 2015
I chose Smartbridge because they offered me the opportunity to work in different areas of technology. I am given the freedom to expand my skillset and not be limited to the same tasks day in and day out. Technology is constantly changing and I feel that working at Smartbridge will allow me to grow along with the changes instead of falling behind. The leadership gives each person the opportunity to grow and will support you if you take the initiative. If you are self-motivated and eager to expand your career, then Smartbridge is a great place to start.
Patrick Pahlswith Smartbridge since 2014
Danny Tsangwith Smartbridge since 2012
Brooke Browne
Brooke Brownewith Smartbridge since 2012
At Smartbridge there’s an expectation that you can make a difference in the success of the entire team. For me, there are opportunities to impact success in ways that may shape the marketing landscape for years to come. I know I can never be bored here.
Luis Gil
Luis Gilwith Smartbridge since 2015
Smartbridge is always open to new ideas and open to endorse my skillset. I think the diversity of cultures and people is making this company different from others, but at the same time makes it big and strong. I have no other words to say but thanks to the Smartbridge executives for this incredible opportunity and their guidance. I find Smartbridge an excellent place to develop my professional career.
Silesh Amujuriwith Smartbridge since 2012

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