Consuming RESTful Web Services

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Informatica PowerCenter Tips & Tricks Series (Read the previous trick, Rolling Sums & Averages Grouped By Key) Informatica provides both a Web Service Consumer transformation and an HTTP transformation that can access a remote [...]

Informatica PowerCenter Tips & Tricks

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Rolling Sums & Averages Grouped By Key Informatica provides two rolling transformations, MOVINGSUM and MOVINGAVG, which combine the last N rows’ values automatically. These transformations have three crucial limitations: The first N-1 rows [...]

Informatica Analyst: an Intuitive Interface to Data Warehouse Reference Tables

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Co-opting Informatica Analyst for Reference Data Maintenance by Data Stewards At the most recent meeting of the Houston Informatica User Group, I gave a brief presentation on a non-standard use for the data quality tool [...]

A First Look at Informatica’s New PowerCenter Express

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Informatica unveiled their newest product in the PowerCenter line, the PowerCenter Express, at Informatica World this year (find Smartbridge’s experience of the convention here). The sales pitch is certainly catchy: Free PowerCenter! First I heard [...]

4 Ways to Optimize PowerCenter Mappings

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Plenty of sources will tell you that this or that method is the best way to optimize an ETL. Seldom do they point out the downsides of it, and even rarer do they mention caveats. [...]

5 Revelations from Informatica World 2013

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Informatica World 2013 (IW2013) is wrapping up today and my colleague and I have been here all week. This was my first time in attendance at the IW conference, a somewhat typical format [...]

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