The Last Mile of Business Intelligence. Verbal, Interactive, Relevant.

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Using the hit TV show Westworld as an example, I explain how voice-enabled BI and analytics can revolutionize the way users collect, process, and use data. Since the latest seasons of House of Cards [...]

Software Company Builds App Analytics Into Newest Release with Tableau

By | June 8, 2016|Categories: News|Tags: , , |

A leading software products company that delivers mobile development platform and industry cloud supply chain solutions established a product roadmap to implement supply chain and application usage analytics capabilities in the product suite. The company [...]

On Demand Webinar: Joining Your BI Solution with JD Edwards

By | March 13, 2015|Categories: BI Webinar, Business Intelligence, ERP / JD Edwards, JDE Webinar, Webinars|Tags: , , , , , |

Make the Vital Connection - Quickly Join Your BI Solution with JD Edwards Using RapidDecision EDW Traditionally, the effort to get information out of JD Edwards is a massive undertaking. RapidDecision [...]

The State of Mobility in the Enterprise

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  As their speed and versatility increases, mobile devices will become an ever more important part of the workforce. Companies have been adopting both tablets and smartphones for a variety of reasons as the challenges [...]

On Demand Webinar: It’s No Mystery – Mobile BI Dashboards Will Rule

By | October 24, 2014|Categories: BI Webinar, Business Intelligence, Mobility Webinar, Strategy Webinar, Webinars|Tags: , , , |

The 5 important things to know to make it happen. Mobility is one of the biggest and most significant trends in enterprise and consumer technology right now. Business intelligence is no [...]

Mobile Business Intelligence as a Catalyst for Change

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Mobile applications are one of the best ways to transition users away from traditional reporting mechanisms and truly add value to the business at the same time. Previously, I laid out the reasons why so [...]

Why So Many Fail to Move Away from Traditional Business Intelligence Reporting

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I am always surprised when I see organizations still using huge stacks of traditional grid or tabular reports in PDF bundles. Yet I come across this exact scenario quite often. In many cases, higher-level managers [...]

Enterprise Mobility 2014 – Participate in the MicroStrategy Survey Out Now

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It's a mobile, mobile world. Is your organization? Do you have a BYOD policy at work? Do you actually use your tablet or smartphone for something other than work email and appointments? Spend a few [...]

MicroStrategy World 2014 – The Transformative Year

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Just like last year, we were inspired by the maturity of MicroStrategy users at World this last week in Las Vegas. They came seeking inspiration to continue moving their organization's business intelligence ever forward - [...]

Business Intelligence 101 with MicroStrategy – a newbie’s perspective

By | September 4, 2013|Categories: Business Intelligence|Tags: , |

So far, we’ve covered a variety of topics regarding MicroStrategy for those that know it. But what about those budding business analysts among us that wish to start at the beginning? How do you get [...]

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