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Upon connecting the page and the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment via AIS, an organization can determine various use cases for which the page layouts can be reformed. For example, a test use case was determined. A new section was added to the page layout for application links. These links allow Users to quickly access relevant applications directly from the Active Content Page; Work Orders and Address Book Revisions in this case.

Adapting to Change

Adding a New Layout Section

In order to add the links for those specific applications, the following steps were followed:

  1. Navigate to the desired application (Work Orders or Address Book Revisions in this case) and select the Tool option.
  2. Press the Collaborate submenu option and select Send Email. 
  3. The native mail application will open on the machine. Simply copy the URL given into your home.html file within the new section that was created. The code can look as shown below:

    <div class=”cardBody scrollable” id=”applicationList”>
    <a href=”https://yourdeploymentservername:port/jde/ShortcutLauncher?OID=P48013_W48013J_ZJDE0001&FormDSTmpl=|1|3|&FormDSData=|||”>Manufacturing Work Orders</a>
    <a href=”https://yourdeploymentservername:port/jde/ShortcutLauncher?OID=P01012_W01012B_ZJDE0001&FormDSTmpl=|1|2|&FormDSData=|||”>Address Book</a>

The page now has the added section to allow users quick access to the shown applications.

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